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Competitive Program

Competitive tennis Program toronto

The focus in this stage is in building physical literacy through continued development tennis skills. This is a critical stage for athletes/tennis player, as it sets the foundation for learning to be a competitive junior. In addition, this stage can determine if an athlete has an opportunity to compete at a high international level in the future. This is the stage where “you make or break an athlete” by doing the right thing at the right time of the athlete’s development.

Age: 10-16

Duration: 2 hours 5 times per week (group lessons)
+ private lessons from 1-6 hours (separate fee)

Time: 3:00pm-5:00 pm (Monday-Friday)

Cost of the Program:

5 times per week-$1300.00/Monthly (group lessons only)

Yearly Membership Payment:

Option 1: $150 one time payment
Option 2: $16 monthly

General Objectives:

  • Monitor player’s growth spurt through frequent anthropometric measurements in order to optimize the development of flexibility, speed, strength, and aerobic endurance in all the physical skills
  • Consolidate learned skills from practice and apply in competitive situations
  • Balance the increase in training demands with lifestyle issues
  • Become increasingly competent in the selection and care of tennis equipment
  • Continue to develop and refine technical skills in practice
  • Consolidate a specific game style emphasizing the execution of skills in a game situation
  • Use the sport sciences in the areas of physical preparation and psychological routines to produce the ideal performance state
  • Introduce the concept of recovery and pre-habilitation through sleep, good hygiene, sport massage, hydro-therapy, nutrition, and effective warm-up in all aspects of preparation
  • Develop necessary decision making skills to practice and compete effectively

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