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215 Doughton Rd. 
Vaughan, ON., L4K 1R1 
Tel: 416-662-2341 

General Information:
The VALAN Tennis Academy (Academy) provides tennis lessons for adults and children 4 years and above (Students). The teams are formed based on Students’ age and experience level. Students and parents can choose the number and duration of lessons. For realistic results minimum 2 lessons a week is highly recommended.


Winter Season starts on September 1 and ends on June 30. Summer Season starts on July 1 and ends on August 31

Summer Camp is available for children. Additional information on dates and registration for the Camp is on the information board. Please note that the place is limited and often we are unable to accommodate everybody. The registration is on first-come-first-serve basis so make sure you register in advance. We are closed on Statutory Holidays.Please ,check our web-site for more info.


Privates Lessons-$75.00, $ 85.00, $100.00 / per hour + HST. Semi-private Lessons (2-3students)$50.00/small court, $60.00 per person per hour+ HST.

Monthly Group

1.5 hours – 1class/ week-$250.00, 2classes/ week-$396.00,3 classes/ week -$594.00

2.0 hours: 3times/week- $936.00; 4 classes/week-$1216.00.00, 5 classes/week -$1300.00- Competitive program

2.5 hours: 1 class/week-$410.00, 2classes/week – $720.00, 3 classes/week -$1080.00 Pre Competitive program

Please note that we require 24 hours cancelation notice prior to your scheduled private lesson. Missed Private Lessons with less than 24hrs notice will be charged 100% of the full rate. There will be no refund for missed Private lessons. Make-up lessons only.

Membership Type: Annual, non refundable.

Payment Options : Option 1- $150.00 Single Payment. Option 2-$16.00/Monthly

Registration and payment:

Advance registration is required for the whole duration of the Season (Winter or Summer). Payment is to be provided using cheques dated 1st of every month. Each cheque is to be drawn according to a number and type of lessons registered in a particular month. New Students registering in the middle of the Season are required to provide payment cheques for the remaining months.

Cheques to be written to: Valan Tennis Academy Inc

Registration is done on first-come-first-serve basis when the payment cheques are submitted; otherwise, the administration cannot guarantee specific time slot availability.

There is a non-refundable $30 administration fee for every bounced cheque payable immediately along with alternative payment or your registration may be cancelled.


Registration can be cancelled upon a written notice and all non-cashed cheques are returned provided the notice is given at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the month. No other refunds will be made as your spot in the class is reserved for the whole month.

Please note that due to busy timetable in case of missed lessons (for any reason) we’ll be unable to offer make-up classes.

Administration reserves right to cancel any Student’s registration at its sole discretion for the reasons including but not limited to: misconduct, non-attendance, non-payment, failure to follow trainer’s directions, abuse or misuse of the facility or its equipment. In this case all non-cashed cheques will be returned.

Participation Agreement:

By participating in or using any activities, programs, equipment or facilities available through VALAN Tennis Academy Student (or his/her parent or legal guardian, if applicable) hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:

I understand and agree that there is a risk of serious injury to me (or my child, if applicable) while utilizing Academy facilities, equipment, and programs and recognize every activity has a certain degree of risk, some more than others. By participating, I knowingly and voluntarily assume any and all risk of injuries, regardless of severity, which from time to time may occur as a result of my participation in athletic and other activities through Academy.

I hereby certify that I have (or, if applicable, my child has) adequate health insurance to cover any injury or damages that I (or my child, if applicable) may suffer while participating, or alternatively, agree to bear all costs associated with any such injury or damages myself.

I further certify that I am (or, if applicable, my child is) in good health and have no mental or physical condition or symptoms that could interfere with own safety or the safety of others while participating in any activity using any equipment or facilities of Academy. I understand and agree that I alone am responsible to determine whether I am (or, if applicable, my child is) physically and mentally fit to participate, perform, or utilize the activities, programs, equipment or facilities available at Academy, and that I am not relying on any advice from Academy in this regard. To the extent I have any questions or need any information about my (or, if applicable my child’s) physical or mental condition or limitations, I agree to seek professional advice from a qualified physician.

Further, I hereby RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS, the VALAN Tennis Academy, and its respective proprietors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, and/or representatives from any and all liability, claims, damages, costs, expenses, personal injuries, illnesses, death or loss of personal property resulting, in whole or in part, from my participation in, or use of, any facility, equipment, and/or programs of the Academy.

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